Good Enough


She sits in her room

having just turned five

with her toys spread around

her thoughts lost in the skies

when her parents come in

and say, “we have to talk”

there will no longer be three

in this house that we bought

she watches dad leave

knowing things will be tough

this is her first time…

Fuck it


I’m in so much need of a friend right now. I’m hurting so fucking bad that I’m probably going home tonight and crying my ass off in my bedroom. The only ones I have to reach out to are just acting like they don’t give a fuck. I’m just giving up on relationships and friendship because all that ever happens is pain.

I’m here for you

I dont know why what the interviewer says bothers me, but it really is bothering me.

Music saves a lot of people and this is why i love band like that ^.^

Love this


Please don’t do this to yourself, you’re so much stronger than that!
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